Chambers Creek Foundation

Guiding Principles


The Foundation will achieve our mission and actualize our vision guided by the following shared beliefs:

q       We welcome, encourage and foster community voice, participation, collaboration and partnership: a relationship grounded in integrity, flexibility, transparency and fiscal responsibility.


q       We revere the preservation and reclamation of natural resources for public education, access and benefit


q       While embracing a visionary strategy with sound tactical implementation, we are stewards for the environmental integrity, natural beauty and historic nature of the Chamber Creek Properties,


q       While honoring and valuing our working relationships, the Vision for this project – rooted in community and shared by all stakeholders – will drive future decisions and actions



The community in which we all live embraces and reveres the interconnection between nature and humanity.



The Mission of the Chambers Creek Foundation is to foster pioneering models of environmental reclamation and education, public engagement, recreation and stewardship for Chambers Creek Properties.