Chambers Creek Foundation

Plans for Off Leash Areas


There are no Off Leash Areas currently available at the Chambers Creek Properties but plans are being made to provide multiple Off Leash Areas providing opportunities for many types of off leash experiences in the future.

In order to develop the best plan possible for the addition of off leash areas to the Chambers Creek Properties, we conducted a study and have summarized our findings in the Off-Leash Area Analysis Technical Memorandum.

As a result of our research we have developed a plan that includes 3 separate Off Leash Areas, each providing a unique experience for users of both the canine and human varieties.

North Beach - open beach area to allow for water play; located on the northern most section of North Beach.

South Area - a more traditional style of off-leash area with a fenced meadow area to allow for field play; approximately 6 to 7 acres in size.

Canyon Area - integrated into trail system to allow for a natural experience and trail hiking in a more secluded area; size of this trail system is flexible.

Future Off Leash Areas