Chambers Creek Foundation

North Dock & Pedestrian Overpass


We have begun the process of developing a plan for the reconstruction of North Dock. Our design will maximize uses and allow safe beach access to the public via a pedestrian overpass across the railroad tracks.

This project will be completed in 2 phases. Phase one will be the Pedestrian Overpass. Once this phase is competed, visitors to the Chambers Creek Properties will have access to North Beach including the first of three planned Off-Leash Areas. The groundbreaking for the Pedestrian Overpass will be held in late July, 2008 and it is projected to be competed in early 2010.

Phase two of the project is the reconstruction of North Dock itself. The project is much more than just the renovation of an old dock. The current dock was used for industrial purposes by the former gravel mine. It was not designed to provide recreational access to the public therefore its size and shape must be reconsidered as we plan for its future use. We are reassessing the dock and redesigning it to fit the recreational needs of the people of Pierce County.

Like all projects at the Chambers Creek Properties, plans for North Dock are being made with close attention to their impact on the environment. The new North Dock will have a smaller footprint than the existing dock and cast a smaller shadow over the water. The new dock will also use a significantly fewer number of pilings. These types of design features ensure that the Properties will remain a wonderful showcase of Puget Sound?s natural beauty for generations to come. Once finished, North Dock will allow users comfortable, easy access to the stunning views and attractions of the Chambers Creek Properties. We look forward to bringing this exciting project to completion in the coming years