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Our Personal Stories


Our Personal Stories



When I was 13 or 14 years old, I went hiking with a friend and my parents along the Appalachian Trail. It was snowing and I felt afraid because I did not know what to do. I learned to respect nature.                                                             -- Robert C.


Anytime I am in nature, I feel at peace. Sometimes my family comes with me on these nature trips. I proposed to my fiancé at Grand View Overbrook in Canyon Land National Park.    

                                                                        -- Steve G.


I grew up on a small farm in Issaquah Creek. And, I remember going to the stream and sitting in the sunshine. I was alone listening to the birds. I realized the solitude and power of nature.

                                                                        -- Sue M.


When I was 12, I went hiking at June Lake in California. I heard a noise and saw a mountain lion. I was very afraid and had a sense that the lion was getting ready to pounce. All of a sudden a rabbit jumped out and distracted the lion. The rabbit saved my life.

                                                                        -- Tim F.


I went on trip with my husband to Ocean Shores. I realized how connected I was to the things (like the ocean and the life in it) I couldn’t see. I have always loved being near the water.

                                                                        -- Marlette B.



When I was younger, I was in the Boy Scouts. For one trip we went to the Sierra Nevada’s. We hiked 8 miles into the middle of nowhere and we went skiing, built igloos, and went camping.

                                                                        -- Bob B.


I was raised in northern Idaho. I was outdoors all the time. As a present I received a tree. Now when I go home I can see the growth of the tree.   

                                                                        -- Helen McG.

When I was 18, I went on my first back packing trip to Yosemite National Park. I had to climb the backside of Half Dome and I was afraid of heights. I conquered my fear by climbing to the top and was so proud of my accomplishment.                                                                                                       -- Richard W.



I grew up on the edge of a ravine and spent a lots of time in the woods. When I was a teenager, I led Girl Scout troops camping and on backpacking trips. This was a powerful experience because I could hear nature’s sounds and did not hear any urban sounds (like cars). This observation has been really important in my life.

                                                                        -- Debbie Y.



Anytime I am at the beach or on a mountain, I feel a sense of awe. You get to see forever and feel the expanse. On the Wonderland Trail, I saw a herd of caribou that was passing through my camp site. Later that trip, I pet a field mouse and saw a baby deer.

                                                                        -- Bryan F.


When I was 19, I hitchhiked to places around the world - like Africa and the Middle East. There was a calming effect being around a tree that is 2,000 years old. I love the fact that Redwood trees are named after people and that I have one named after me. The Redwood forest is a powerful experience - I feel like I’m breathing richer air.

                                                                        -- Dennis H.


I went to Florida for summer vacation and watched kids rooting around for aluminum cans, off the sides of the roads, in ditches and in the woods. I was not born in the USA and I had never even heard of recycling. I had no idea what they were doing and it seemed strange. I found out that kids were getting money for colleting “trash” to be reused and recycled I looked at garbage in a whole new light.

Mel F.


At a young age my family and I went hiking. After the hike we went swimming in the lake to cool off. Overcoming my fear of the lake and building a family connection while appreciating nature let me to realize the power of nature.

Tamara N. or Elizabeth F.


My fondest memories come from berry picking with my mom and grandma. We would go to the berry patch, pick berries and then go home and make pies and jam. I remember that they both had gardens and we would spend a lot of time in them and it took us away from all the daily distractions that life holds.

Theresa K.


I was 15, hiking with a group of all ages, 8-60 years old, up in the mountains where there was a lot of snow and the terrain was rugged. One night we slept on the trail because there was no place to set up camp. We got lost and found our way again using the blazes on trees. It was dangerous and pushes us to the limits but it was also beautiful.

Liz J.


We took a family road trip to South Dakota, which I dislike, on the way we went through Canada and stopped at a glacier. My brother and I played having a fun rewarding experience.

Emily O.



One summer, my sister and I were playing hide and go seek and I decided to hide in a tree that was in the middle of a field. While up in the tree, I noticed tiny red ants climbing up the tree. That’s when I realized that the little organisms were a part of my playing.


Megan M.


Growing up my family had a small mobile home on a piece of waterfront property. I loved walking outside and seeing the trees without disrupting sounds. It was a wonderful place to be where there were no interruptions and gave me a sense of inner peace.


Gayle B.


I was with my fast pitch team coming back from Colorado and few stopped at Yosemite National Park. I saw all sorts of extraordinary natural happenings like geysers, lava, and a steaming lake.

Jenny P.


At the age of 10 my friend and I created a fort in her backyard near Yelm in a neighborhood full of woods. We called it Fantasy Land; it was created from a leaning tree, with the addition of a few items from the forest it became home to us.

Heather P.


Recently I went to Alpine Lakes to hike with some friends. While there we spotted a squirrel an endangered species actually, we thought it was so interesting how nature can help animals re-coop themselves

Adam A.


I recently went hiking and camping at Elwha River Valley with my family. Being able to share my research and sampling site with them was a wonderful experience. We had fun naming plants, counting rings on trees and exploring nature.

Katri R.



I went on a 10 day hike with my aunt recently in Utah. Since I didn’t find the canyons there appealing I wasn’t motivated to go but I went anyway. I was surprised to see that we had a great a time after all. That hike reminded how beautiful nature is no matter where you go.

Heather G.


I followed my grandmother into the woods when I visited her, we would do this as a ritual of communicating with nature. Being there, quiet and listening to what nature was telling us was our way of showing respect.

Beverly P.