Chambers Creek Foundation

Hopeful Signs


New initiatives being taken



Picking up litter because it’s the right thing to do



People care



No more “Tacoma Aroma”



More salmon, more trees



Co-existing with nature



Fish are coming back



A shift to recycling



More aware of land conservation



Increase in trail access



Less garbage; only fill one bag every other week



Composting is a cool trend!



Starbucks lets you use coffee grounds



Cleaner rivers



Cleaner oceans



Awareness of water run - off



Buying land to preserve it, not built on it



Greater effort to preserve energy



Schools are teaching and participating in the “green movement”



Saving the apple orchard



Fuel efficient cars



Fort Lewis trying to use

energy efficient fuels




University of Washington helping to create a positive environmental impact




Better air quality



New methods of teaching about

 the natural world



Less smog



More hawks, eagles, and

animals in general




Politicians advocating for environment




Replacing household cleaners with

less harsh cleaners



Exxon Mobil founders push for change in fuel sources and management



Headline from The News Tribune: “There’s still time to fight climate change, study says”



Nisqually council successfully works to make a cooperative conservation of Nisqually River



Headline from The News Tribune: “Humpbacks make a comeback”



Clean-up Crews



Reducing &





Energy Efficient





Shift in




Friendly Industries




Future Generations


Show Concern








Restoring and











Protecting Lakes


and Trees




Providing choices:


Good, bad,

less bad






transport system