Chambers Creek Foundation

Expressions of Inspiration


Surrounding Me

By Sarah Denning

The world, surrounding me . . .
Full of vibrant, wonderful colors
With nature and cities, trucks and trees
My part is with the animals.

The world, surrounding me . . .
With nature, trees and animals
Natural is my thing
My heart is with the trees.

The world, surrounding me . . .
Leaves bright and green
Rough, brown, deep bark
Calling me through the wind.

I live in the nature!
With the animals and trees.
With the natural world.
The world, surrounding me!!

La Lune

by Alex Jordan

I exist here
in the beginning
and I will exist here
in the end.
Loud silence
Roars in my ear.
So quiet
I can hear
The heart beat
of the universe.
I am the oneness
Of all life.
I illuminate
The night
With my warm
My florescent
Forever changing
Casts light
On all
That tries to hide
in the night.